What is the difference between Campaignified and Campaign Monitor?

Campaignified is an app for the Shopify ecommerce platform, which integrates Shopify with Campaign Monitor. Campaign Monitor is a separate service designed for management of email marketing campaigns. If you have an account with both Shopify and Campaign Monitor, then you can use Campaignified to automatically subscribe your Shopify customers to a subscriber list in Campaign Monitor.

Campaignified is designed to run quietly in the background, so after initial setup, you can just sit back and let it do its thing! Campaignified does not provide an admin interface for creating campaigns or otherwise managing your Campaign Monitor account through Shopify. These tasks are still carried out through Campaign Monitor itself. For convenience, Campaignified provides a link to your Campaign Monitor account in the navigation bar, titled ‘CM’.

While the name and design are similar, Campaignified and Campaign Monitor are separate services, supported by two separate companies.