When are customers unsubscribed and/or resubscribed?

Customers will never be deleted nor unsubscribed by the app. Previously the app would delete customers if they indicated during checkout that they did not wish to receive marketing material. However, this is no longer the case, as users have pointed out that this was confusing to customers, who fairly assumed that if they had checked the box once, then they would not need to check it again on future checkouts. Now, the app will simply ignore these orders, and not delete or unsubscribe a customer under any circumstance. Therefore unsubscriptions must be handled either through the newsletter itself, or manually.

Campaignified will resubscribe unsubscribed customers whenever a sync occurs where accepts_marketing is true. This should not result in any unexpected emails where a customer has unsubscribed manually (through a link in the email) as syncs only occur after orders or account changes, in which case accepts_marketing will generally be explicitly set by the customer.

Customers are not resubscribed during the initial (existing customers) sync when first selecting a list, as this is not initiated by the customers themselves and we would like to avoid any unpleasant surprises.