The Filters page in Redirectify allows you to prevent certain paths from showing up in your list based on matching patterns. This can be useful when you know that a path is irrelevant, and doesn’t need to be fixed. There are two types of pattern which you can toggle between; Wildcard and the more advanced Regexp (short for ‘regular expression’).

Wildcard filters

Wildcard filters are the easiest to use. They make use the ‘*’ character as a wildcard matching any string of text. For example, the filter


-would match each of the following paths:


The filter


-would match any product under the given collection.

Wildcard filters must match the full path from beginning to end, so the filter products/* would not match any path, but the filter */products/* may.

Regexp filters

Regular expressions are very powerful, but quite a complex topic. Rather than trying to cover them here, you can learn the basics fairly quickly through this guide.

Regexp filters need not match the full path like wildcard type filters, but will apply when they match any part. The filter


-would match any of the paths in the first example, but would also match any other path including the text ‘t-shirt’ at any point.