Why not use another redirect app?

404s alone do not affect your site’s overall search ranking. However, if you have previously high ranking pages/products giving a 404, you risk losing a key source of visitors to your store. Redirectify helps you redirect customers who visit these invalid links to relevant and genuinely helpful pages to ensure your customers are always able to find what they’re looking for and to maintain a good customer experience.

We prefer this approach over generic bulk redirects, as a redirect to an irrelevant page is no more helpful to your customers than a 404. In addition, Google ranks pages on the relevance of the content within, so a relevant substitute will always perform better than a generic catch-all. For this reason, we recommend against redirecting to your homepage. When a customer expects to land on a specific page/product, it is confusing when they instead end up at the homepage with no indication as to why that happened. This is the purpose a well designed 404 page serves – to let your customers (and search engines) know that the page is no longer available. If you have a suitable replacement, then by all means you should redirect your customers there, and this is what Redirectify is designed for. However, redirecting 404s simply for the sake of reducing the number of 404s on your website does nothing to help your rankings, and may even have a negative impact.


Redirectify presents a smart, streamlined approach to creating redirects in Shopify to fix 404 crawl errors.

It presents you with a simple interface with live suggestions as you type to create redirects to similar pages, collections or products in your store, based on actual, valid paths. There’s no need to search for an appropriate replacement URL; Redirectify does that for you!